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In the world of makeup, brushes have become one of the most important essentials to facilitate work and give a professional finish.

The application of makeup is sometimes challenging, so the brushes make it requires only a little skill to make your makeup is perfect.

These, in addition to their ease of work, avoid wasting the product and do not irritate the skin because they are made of high quality durable materials.

To achieve that ideal makeup, this article shows you the top 5 of the basic brushes, plus the most multifunctional so you can give different purposes to each of them.

As for the brand of Morphe Brushes cannot be overlooked the similarity between these and the brushes of Mac Cosmetics because both the quality and the shape of the brushes is very comparable.

Morphe Brushes has a wide variety of brushes, vegan as well as synthetic, for the face, for the eyes, etc. and the quality is there.


 E3 precision powder brush.

Ideal brush for tip-shaped powders, this brush distributes the powder across the face or cheeks for a light finish to medium coverage.

Blush brush or bronzer at an angle E4.

Ideal brush for blush or bronzer in the form of an angle, this brush distributes the powder on cheeks for an airbrush finish.

The angle helps to distribute the product in a homogeneous way so you can get an effect that helps to enhance the cheekbones, plus with it you can create special effects using two colors, one dark under the cheekbone and one lighter in the cheekbone to startle him

Shadow brush M433.

Brush designed to apply shadow on the eyelid of the eye or to blur the eye in the crease, you can mix your shadows to create a natural look.

You can apply your shadows starting with the lightest one on your mobile eyelid until you reach the crease of the eye and blur it, then use a slightly darker shade in the crease of the eye and blur it in the same way, as the last step uses a completely dark shadow in the external part type V of the eye and again to blur it so that you get a perfect look!

This is a clone of the famous m217 brush from Mac Cosmetics.

  M439 liquid makeup brush.

Synthetic brush designed to blur liquid and cream makeup.

If you use liquid makeup this brush is basic. It works better than the fingers or sponge because it diffuses the product correctly.

Apply it, starting at the forehead and ending at the neck putting a little product on the hand and from there take the product.

To achieve a professional finish, give small touches to the forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks and chin, extend the base with movements outward and upward. With this brush you can cover spots and imperfections of the skin.

It should be noted that it is super smooth, and easy to apply the base with it.

 Angled brush to draw M207.

Angle brush designed to accurately delineate and shape and color eyebrows with shadows or any product in cream or gel.

The right brush can make you achieve the perfect delineated look. This brush also serves to apply eyeliner very easily.

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