The Face Brushes needed to apply makeup

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Finding the perfect makeup brush is almost as difficult as finding your favorite perfume. There are many different models and options in the market, each specialized in a different function.

But they also differ according to their size, the type of hair they use. That is why, today we want to explain to you a little more about how brushes are essential brushes for your face.

To apply the corrector

Always choose brushes with short, flat and quite dense hair. These, as the name suggests, allow you to evenly distribute the concealer to cover those areas with small imperfections, such as dark circles, pimples, spots and the like.

Its use is very simple: you only have to apply the product on the points where you are interested in spreading the concealer and, with the help of the brush, softly blend it with small taps until you make sure that the product has merged with your skin.

To apply the foundation

In this case, there are three types of brush you should know. All three have the same functionality but their finish is different

Skunk brush. It always leaves a soft and natural appearance. It is ideal for very fluid bases, and perfect for face and neck. Leave the best finish if what you want is that you hardly notice the makeup. “Duo fiber brush 104” from PROFESSIONAL & BEAUTY TOUCH is ideal for this type of case.

Cat tongue brush. This angled brush is ideal for contouring, but also for powder bases. It is precise and very functional, a great help for an intact, uniform and natural makeup. In this case, we recommend the exclusive brush for Bodybell “Powder brush 103” from PROFESSIONAL & BEAUTY TOUCH.

Toothbrush” brush. This type of synthetic and oval brushes provide a more opaque finish. They are specific for makeup bases, although they also serve to apply the prebase. “Large oval brush” by ARTDECO is one of our favorites. It can be used with any texture to fuse the makeup with your skin and get a nice faded finish.

To apply powders and rouge

The best way to fix and prolong the duration of the foundation is to seal it with a thin layer of powder. There is more than one brush that distributes the powder discreetly and without caking, but all are soft, thick head and, usually, natural hair. The Kabuki brush is ideal. On the other hand, to highlight the cheekbones and define them there is no better tool than brushes with medium-sized heads and cut diagonally.

Kabuki brush This is the most used to apply powders on the face, although it is also used for very light makeup bases. Ideal for the application of mineral makeup, bronzing powder, rouge and highlighter, giving your face a uniform and natural finish. The “Powder brush 701” from PROFESSIONAL & BEAUTY TOUCH is ideal when applying and mixing this type of powder products.

 Bevelled brush. Specially designed for contouring because, due to its shape, it adapts better to the shape of the face and allows the powder to be applied as precisely as possible. Also, being bushy, it also allows you to blur more easily. In this case, we recommend the exclusive brush for Bodybell “Contour brush 111” from PROFESSIONAL & BEAUTY TOUCH

Blusher brush. They are used to be medium / large brushes, round and wide to allow a much softer and natural application of blush on the cheeks. They should have long and soft hair for a perfect application. “ARTDECO Blusher Brush” is a very good option. Its rounded shape and the flexibility of its fibers facilitates a uniform and precise application on your face.

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