How To Choose The Correct Makeup Brush?

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A good and well-groomed brush can last many years (more than 10) so make numbers and decide if it’s worth it or not invest in the right tools to make up.

I am going to tell you about the general characteristics of the brushes, which we must take into account when buying them:

Size: you can usually say that the bigger and wider a brush is, the more the product diffuses. That’s why powder and blusher brushes are big and those to apply the stripe of the eye for example, are narrow (in addition to taking into account the surface they have to cover). Regarding the length of the handle of the brush, it really depends on the taste of each person.

Natural hair vs. artificial hair: natural hair is usually the element that makes brushes more expensive and is that the difference in touch and finish of a pony or beaver brush for example and an artificial plastic brush is great.

Hardness: there are softer brushes and other harder, depends on the type of hair they are made of or if they are stuck in a more compact or less. It depends on what we want to use them for, they must be of one type or another. The poor quality of some brushes causes them to lose a lot of hair and when you are using them they leave you annoying hairs that fall out of the brush.

How can I choose the brushes well?

Keep in mind your makeup routine. There are spectacular brushes, but it is a pity that you relegate them to decorate (even ideally) your dresser. When it comes to renew your brushes, it is essential that you ask yourself how you like to make up and what affects you want to achieve.

Betting on quality. Do a little test on the inside of the wrist: It is a soft and sensitive area like the face. If the bristles are rough, try another one. The ones with natural hair are perfect for powder textures. Synthetic bristles are for fluid textures.

Your hands continue to exist. The brushes blur, fuse and adhere textures to the face, but use the back of your hand as if it were the painter’s palette. It is key to control the amount of product.

Take advantage of the compact brush. They are very practical for a quick touch-up outside the home, although I prefer a professional to work well with any makeup product.

Make the brush multi function. It is not necessary that you accumulate an arsenal of brushes. I use, for example, the concealer’s brush to apply the base.

The cleaning of makeup brushes is one of the tasks that you cannot leave for later. Doing it is very simple, you only need minimum products, it is not necessary to use specialized products in cleaning brushes.

Learning to wash them is simple and will prevent the spread of germs on your face without counting that some hygienic brushes offer a smoother and more durable finish.

Start using warm water from the tap, never with cold water as it would not clean the brush thoroughly. The ideal is to wash only the bristles of the brush, with downward direction, otherwise it could lose its shape and thickness. Avoid dipping the brushes directly in water.

Apply a little cleaner for makeup brushes, specific products, baby shampoo, neutral soap or your own mixture. Then, rub gently until you get some foam, make sure you get to each sow to clean deep.

Do not wash the metal or wood part that connects the bristles with the handle.

Rinse with plenty of warm water until there are no traces of foam, especially in the center of the brushes. Once thoroughly rinsed, let them dry on a towel, horizontally and without the bristles remaining near the surface, this could change their thickness and their natural shape.

As a general rule, do not speed up the process with a hair dryer, or shake your brushes. You do not want the bristles to peel off from your base.


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