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How To Choose The Correct Makeup Brush?

How To Choose The Correct Makeup Brush?

A good and well-groomed brush can last many years (more than 10) so make numbers and decide if it's worth it or not invest in the right tools to make up. I am going to tell you about the general characteristics of the brushes, which we must take into account when buying them: Size: you can usually say that the ...

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New beats in stylish life -21%

New beats in stylish life

Audiophiles and lovers of booming bass alike often ask me what I think about Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, assuming I'll somehow slam the company. But I'm actually a fan of what Beats has accomplished—in 2008, virtually no one was paying money for headphones (except for audiophiles). Beats more or less eliminated that ...

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Solo2 Wireless, Active Collection -20%

Solo2 Wireless, Active Collection

Visually, the Beats lineup is possibly the most recognizable headphone design made since the 80s, even if that makes audiophiles cringe. You've seen them on the heads or resting around the necks of pro athletes and pop stars during press conferences and music videos—and that familiar look is a brand unto itself at ...

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12 Things You Can Replace With a $38 Tablet -60%

12 Things You Can Replace With a $38 Tablet

This 7Ci is the inevitable endpoint in the evolution of any gadget: Phase 1) an exciting new gadget is introduced at a premium price; Phase 2) the technology and price are improved upon by competing high-end manufacturers; and finally some years down the road, Phase 3) no-name manufacturers cut every corner there is ...

Top new gadgets of this year -11%

Top new gadgets of this year

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