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One of the questions we ask the salesgirl or makeup artist when buying a makeup brush is whether the brush is natural hair.

The first thing to know is that natural hair makeup brushes will only be used for powdered products and that for cream products we should use synthetic hair brushes or makeup brushes, why?

Because the natural hair, being more porous, collects the dust better and deposits it better in the face, on the other hand, with a fatty product it would saturate said pore and we would not get a good application.

So, what is the best hair for a makeup brush? Why is there so much price difference between them? Let’s go see it


They are orange hair and fiberglass. They are recommended for the application of fat cosmetics, such as concealers and makeup foundations, since synthetic hair absorbs less product than natural hair.


The king of the brush par excellence, is obtained from the male animal.

This hair is soft, flexible and has great strength, durability and water absorption capacity.

Brown hair will be of better quality when the tip is darker than the rest of the hair, although it may be dyed when we buy it.


It is a hair of medium quality but soft touch.

It is obtained from the ears of the animal to make the brushes of the shadows and of the tail to make the brushes of makeup of dust and blusher.

It is dark brown or black and soft.


Species of raccoon of yellowish color with black tips, it is used in brushes of powders and rouge, it is of higher quality than that of Pony.

They are excellent hair in softness, great capacity for water absorption and highly resistant to wear.

It is always kept in shape by its elasticity.


It is originally a white hair, but in the market, it is dyed to imitate Marta’s hair and its quality is very similar.

It is obtained from the best qualities of white ox ear hair.


It comes from the front of the ears of cattle and can be purchased in several colors: black, brown and blond. It is an economical alternative to the smoothest hair brushes. It is used in eye-liner and lip brushes.

It is a hair of lower quality and can get to puncture, but it is elastic and durable.


It is obtained from the hair that grows on the spinal column of the pig or old animals.

They are excellent as eyebrow and eyebrow brushes.

It is a white hair, very hard, these brushes are usually used in the cabin for masks, mud …

How are brushes cleaned?

They can be cleaned in many ways, but the most important thing is daily cleaning to have brushes for a long time.

It is necessary to differentiate between brushes that are used with fatty products and those that are used only for powdered products, since their cleaning varies.

The brushes for fat products are recommended to be cleaned with a little oil, since the cosmetic that has been used adheres very well to the hair of the brush and this is a very good way to disinfect it.

Then, with water and neutral soap or Fairy, what remains of the rest is great.

On the other hand, powder brushes, or shadows can be washed with water and neutral soap.

It is advisable to have a cleaning product for brushes, which in different cosmetic shops sell to professionals. To me, the one I like the most is MAC, for quality price.

And also recommend to apply from time to time to the brushes a moisturizing mask in order to hydrate the hair and avoid odors, or any softener of delicate garments.

Then once they are clean you have to let them air dry in a container with the hair up to prevent the hair from taking an unwanted shape, in case you have to dry them in the moment, we can dry them in a towel or on kitchen paper always in the sense of hair.

If something is worth investing without doubt is in good brushes because if we buy a few cheap, soon your hair will fall and in the end the cheap will have come out expensive

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