Basic Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are essential but sometimes it can be a bit expensive. To assemble our kit, it is not necessary that we have many, but essential. So, in this post I will tell you what are the basic makeup brushes that you cannot miss.

Brush for Dust

It is a wide brush that will help us to apply loose powder or powder, the bristles are normally natural.

Brush To blur shadows

It is a brush of small and loose natural bristles that allow to blur the shadows on the eyelid.

Brush to apply shadows

It is small and can be of natural or synthetic bristles that allows to take the shadows and apply them on the eyelid.

Makeup Brush

It is made of synthetic and flat bristles, it allows us to cover a lot of surface with few movements in order to apply our base of liquid makeup.

Concealer Brush

It is made of synthetic bristles to be able to take the liquid or cream corrector and apply it precisely on imperfections or in the area of ​​dark circles.

Angular Brush1

It can help us to apply blush or bronzer, its shape allows us to have precision in the application.

Angular brush2

It can help us to delineate the eyes making a very fine stroke, it also takes care to fill and shape the eyebrows.

In the market of makeup brushes, you will find dozens of types, shapes, materials and you can go crazy.

We tell you 8 brushes and essential brushes to make up your face. 8 basic tools to apply, correct your makeup products correctly.

Infographics broaches

Brush for eye shadow: basic to apply eye shadow. Made with marten hair.

Eyeliner brush: for application of gel eyeliner. Made with marten hair.

Corrector brush: perfect to apply the concealer in the conflicting areas as well as to apply the illuminator. Manufactured with synthetic hair.

Contour brush and blush: a perfect two to one to apply both blush and contour makeup thanks to its oblique shape. Manufactured with synthetic hair.

Brush for powders and fluid makeup: another two in one to apply makeup in both powder and fluid. Made with skunk hair.

Brush for excess of powders: it can be used to apply powders although it is recommended that it be to remove the excess thanks to its flat and mosaic shape.

Lip brush: the lip brushes are designed to apply the exact amount and spread the lip properly.

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